Market Entry In India

UJA helps international companies to succeed in the Indian market. We prepare the expansion strategy by studying the market size, key demand drivers, trends, government policies and regulations and other critical aspects that play a key role in the market. We evaluate the opportunities and risks with a structured approach, which includes market assessment and market report. We provide services like Strategic Planning, Business Consulting, Risk Mitigation, Company Incorporation, Project Management and Regulatory Services, etc which help in doing business in India.

Market Assessment

Market assessment provides in-depth and specific analysis of the potential of a proposed product, service, or investment. The study may include evaluating market dynamics, current and anticipated market competition, and market potential.

Our market assessment includes:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Value chain analysis
  • Customer needs/behavior surveys
  • Competitor profiling
  • Channel analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Regulatory environment mapping
  • Entry barrier analysis
  • Cost driver analysis.
  • Internal assessment includes SWOT analysis along with identification of core competencies. Based on market and internal capability assessment, UJA prioritizes the potentials of market opportunities and of entry options (e.g. acquisitions, joint venture, etc.)

Market Report

Internet is full of information, but are we able to find the RIGHT information? With 1.3 billion of Indian people, will they really buy your product or service?

This is why you need a market report.

The market report helps the company to take informed business decisions. Investigation and analysis of business and demand trends, insights, government policies and business sentiments assist in evaluating the best opportunities.

On the basis of clients’ requirements and necessities, UJA can provide different kind of market reports, from brief market overviews to full and detailed market assessments.