Audit services

audit services performed by UJA

Audit services

We must keep in mind that in the volatile and volatile environment in which companies operate, compliance reviews and risk mitigation activities are topical issues.

UJA conducts compliance reviews, investigation of fraud and misconduct, and helps to measure and quantify their financial impact.

Statutory Audit

These audits determine whether an organization provides fair and accurate statements of financial position, as required by the articles, accounting standards and rules issued by the Regulator.

Tax Audit

Tax audits are conducted in accordance with the provisions of India's income tax laws and permit the issuing of statements through specific formats.

Transfer Pricing Audit

The term transfer pricing is used to describe intercompany price arrangements relating to transactions between, or between, controlled entities or related parties. Transfer prices may include intellectual property transfers, physical assets, services and loans or other financial transactions. When performing the audit, we ensure the relevance of the prices established by the customer for goods and services sold, as provided by legal entities (or associates) within a company.

Internal Audit

We implement an internal audit based on a risk approach, defining: -The understanding of the processes -A risk-based audit -The assessment of financial, operational and accounting risks -Control of the evaluation of the gaps -Accompany management to implement cost-effective restoration plans -Revaluate the rehabilitation for a better application -Implementation and reworking of the company's processes -Compliance and writing of normal operating procedures (PNE)

Management and operational audit

This is a systematic analysis of the effectiveness, economy and efficiency of an operation required by management for the revision of special purpose accounts, the audit of cost centers, the functions operational (order, sale, inventory, fixed assets, etc.) in order to improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

Process audit

A process audit involves reviewing the results to determine whether the activities, resources and performance of the employees have been effectively and efficiently managed.


Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) is a process designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of the balance sheet for external purposes, in accordance with the principles of financial reporting. generally accepted accounting. The audit includes the implementation of procedures to gather evidence on the effectiveness, adequacy and application of internal control systems, procedures and other mechanisms.


Investigative and judicial audit

This is an audit conducted at the request of management to investigate issues such as suspicions of fraud and malfeasance. Investigations, fraud risk management, patent / software management are the key areas to cover during this audit.

Audit of Information Systems

An audit of computer systems or information systems is a review of the management controls of an information technology (IT) infrastructure. IT Audits are also referred to as Automated Data Audit, Automated Data Processing Audit, IT Audits and IT Audits.

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UJA is a renowned accounting firm providing audit services.

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UJA is one of the leading accounting firms providing audit and assurance services in Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bangalore


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