CBIC Notifies Relaxations in GST Annual Return (GSTR 9) and Reconciliation (GSTR 9C)

CBIC vide notification no. 30/2021- Central Tax dt. 30th July, 2021 on the recommendation of council, has made following rules to amend the Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017:

  1. Annual Return (GSTR 9)– Exemption for registered taxpayers having aggregate turnover up to Rs. 2 cr. in FY 2020-21
  2. Reconciliation (GSTR 9C)– For registered taxpayers whose aggregate turnover during the year exceeds Rs. 5 cr. to be self-certified
  1. In the instructions of Form GSTR 9,

    a. For FY 2020-21, registered person shall report the breakup of Input Tax Credit as Capital Goods and have an option to either report the breakup of remaining amount as Inputs and Input Service or report the entire amount under inputs only against serial number 6B, 6C and 6D

    b. For FY 2020-21, registered person shall have an option to either fill the information related to reversals separately in Table 7A to 7E of Form GSTR 9 or report the entire amount in Table 7H i.e. Other Reversals. But reversals on account of TRAN 1 (Table 7F) and TRAN 2 (Table 7G)  are to be mandatorily reported.

  1. In the instructions of Form GSTR 9C,

    a. An entry will be added as “Others” wherever rate wise bifurcation is required to be reported in Sl. no. 9, Sl. no. 11 and part V (Auditor’s recommendation) after 0.10%

    b. In the verification tab following will be added:
    “I hereby solemnly affirm and declare that the information given herein above is true and correct and nothing has been concealed there from. I am uploading this self-certified reconciliation statement in Form GSTR 9C. I am also uploading other statements, as applicable, including financial statements, profit and loss account and balance sheet, etc.”

    c. Part B Certification is omitted.

This notification shall come in to force from the 1st day of August, 2021.

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