As a part of the MCA efforts towards promoting greater Ease of Doing Business to stakeholders, MCA has notified new version of Form SPICe (INC-32) w.e.f. 30th January, 2017.  This form includes the functionality of applying for Company PAN and first TAN (allotted by Income Tax Deptt) in the SPICe form itself.

The Application for PAN / TAN is  compulsory for all fresh incorporation applications filed in the new version of the SPICe form, where in the MCA21 system will auto generate the pre-filled application forms 49A (PAN) and 49B (TAN) after submission of SPICe.

Further, the new version of SPICe Incorporation applications will be processed only after Forms 49A & 49B are duly signed, uploaded and payment is confirmed by MCA. PAN (as allotted by Income Tax Deptt) will be printed in the Certificate of Incorporation, and TAN will be separately communicated through email.

The new version of SPICe form for all fresh incorporation applications can be downloaded w.e.f 01st February 2017.

Further also applications filed before 30th January, 2017 in SPICe forms and marked for resubmission by MCA shall be resubmitted in new SPICe (INC- 32) and No PAN or TAN will be allotted for such applications.

The relevant rules are available at the link –