MCA notifies Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Amendment Rules, 2020 The Rules seek to amend the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015.

The Amendments have been made to the:

  • Ind AS 1 related to Presentation of Financial Statements;
  • Ind AS 103 related to Business Combinations;
  • Ind AS 107 related to Financial Instruments i.e. Disclosures;
  • Ind AS 109 related to Financial Instruments;
  • Ind AS 116 related to Leases;
  • Ind AS 8 related to Operating Segments;
  • Ind AS 10 related to Events after the Reporting Period;
  • Ind AS 34 related to Interim Financial Reporting and
  • Ind AS 37 related to Provisions, Contingent Liabilities, and Contingent Assets, which are notified so far.

Kindly find attached notification.