Please find attached guidelines issued by CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities). The brief summary of the Guideline on Discontinuance of Class 2 DSC is mentioned below:

1 Guideline date  26.11.2020
2 Subject Discontinuation of Class 2 DSC from 01.01.2021
3 Effective date 01.01.2021
4 Applicability  As per attached guidelines
5 Brief description In para 1.13 – Key pair generation/Storage of the guidance note it was mentioned that “CA shall not issue class 2 level individual Signing certificates.”

(a)   CLASS – 2 will discontinue from 1st January, 2021. Thus, after 01.01.2021 class 2 DSC cannot be purchased or renewed.

(b)   CLASS -3 DSC shall be valid and utilized for all purposes such as ROC, GST, Income Tax, PF, Tenders etc. after 01.01.2021. However, existing CLASS-2 DSC shall be valid for usage till its expiry.

(c)    Government DSC would require a Video.

(d)   There would no Traditional DSC (No Paper based DSC) from 1st Jan 2021.

(e)   ALL DSC have to be downloaded within 30 Days after approval.

5 Impact This is welcome move as to reduce paper work and increasing digitization of forms.

For your reference CCA Guidelines attached here.