Extension of Due Dates

The CBDT has further extended the due dates for the filing of Income Tax Return/ Tax Audit Report/ Transfer Pricing Report in respect of AY 2021 – 2023.


Previous Due Date

Extended Due Date

Income Tax Return (taxpayers subject to tax audit)

15th February 2022

15th March 2022

Income Tax Return (taxpayers subject to transfer pricing report)

28th February 2022

15th March 2022

Tax Audit Report

15th January 2022

15th February 2022

Transfer Pricing Report under s. 92E

31st January 2022

15th February 2022

The CBDT in this circular has explicitly clarified that the extension of due dates for filing of Income Tax Return shall not affect the provisions under Explanation 1 to s. 234A (interest for default in furnishing ITR) if the amount of tax payable exceeds INR 1 lakh.

Complete circular attached

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