Market entry and business in India

International companies need an understanding of the Indian market. UJA provides an assessment of the Indian market that helps them to take an informed decision whether or not to enter India. UJA provides a complete, in-depth market report that outlines opportunities, market size and players, market trends, key growth drivers, the regulatory environment, compliances, entry barriers, sales and distribution channels, gap analysis and models to set up a commercial presence.

Indian companies going global

UJA assists Indian companies that want to go global. Services include assessing global market opportunities, starting an office in a new geography, preparing tax and other documents. UJA reduces risk of doing business with the right network and experience.

Market entry strategy

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. International companies are keen in investing in India. However, in order to assess and understand the viability of setting up of business in India, it becomes essential to have a complete understanding of the market and opportunities it has to offer in order to be successful.
UJA assists these international companies to set up, establish and succeed in India by offering a single window solution that begins from doing Market Research and preparing Market Assessment Report.

Market scan

UJA undertakes a market scan to understand the dynamics of the market. The study aims at evaluating market dynamics, current and anticipated market competition, and market potential. The market scan includes understanding the size of the market, how the market is segmented, the key players and their market shares, the regulatory environment, compliances, entry barriers, key growth drivers, market trends, sales and distribution channels, gap analysis and models, pricing

Market opportunities

The market scan gives an understanding of the market opportunities that exist. It could be a gap in the market or creating a new market and understand the potential of a proposed product / service investment to set up commercial presence in India.

Market assessment report

The Market Assessment Report is a compilation of all the information. It helps international companies to take informed business decisions about entering India and doing business in India. The market assessment report includes:

  • Demand forecast
  • Value chain analysis
  • Customer needs/behavior surveys
  • Competitor profiles
  • Channel analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Regulatory environment mapping
  • Entry barrier analysis
  • Cost driver analysis
  • Internal assessment includes SWOT analysis along with identification of core competencies.

Based on above parameters, UJA prioritizes the potential of market opportunities and of entry options (eg. acquisitions, joint venture, etc.) Depending upon the requirement of the client, UJA provides market assessment reports from brief market overviews to detailed market assessment.