Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions

The growth of any business includes business consolidation, divestment, for unlocking value and generating shareholder wealth. UJA helps dynamic companies across the globe in managing transactions like mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, divestitures or spin-offs. These require clever navigation of various complex issues like accounting, tax, regulatory issues. UJA provides services like Enterprise Valuation, M&A analysis, Debt Management, M&A Strategy, M&A prospection, Expertise Buy side-Sell side, Funds syndication.

Identifying potential synergies

UJA ensures transparent business valuations in line with the regulatory requirements, evaluating potential target, structuring and negotiating deals, due diligence, potential buy out and regulatory compliances with various authorities and assisting in Post-Acquisition Services like Staffing, Taxation and Regulatory Compliances

Target / buyer evaluation

UJA provides advisory to both buy side and sell side. Services include target/ buyer search, various kinds of valuation, financial, legal, tax and investigative due diligence. UJA provides end to end solutions in closing and executing Mergers and Acquisition deals by assisting throughout the transaction lifecycle, technical and comprehensive advisory that includes strategy, valuation to integration or divestiture, buying or selling, deal structuring, due diligence, restructuring, risk mitigation, etc.

Market scan

UJA provides advice in disputes relating to joint ventures, Shareholder rights. Real estate transactions, Tax matter, Commercial and infrastructure contracts, Company law matters, Reegulatory matters, Securities law matters

Deal advisory

UJA works with clients to drive strong inorganic growth and to achieve their business goals. It could be a joint venture or an acquisition. Either ways UJA assists the clients through all the stages of the Joint Venture and acquisition. Areas of expertize include identification and realization of the synergies, business negotiation, valuation for strategic business alliance and structuring the entity proposed by the parties. UJA assists the clients for 5 years after structuring the entity, which helps in mitigating risks involved. Our professionals are adept at helping business owners navigate through various corporate and product strategies with one another to create clear benefits for both joint venture participants. UJA helps clients in mastering various aspects of a successful joint venture. UJA coordinates product strategies with each party to create value for the company, imparts critical knowledge and intellectual property to the JV without compromising the competitive position of the parent group. Negotiation of transfer prices as well as shared services with the help of Strategic Advisors.

UJA puts the right people in the right places, creating a unique joint venture culture, creating short and long-term incentives and helps in sorting out differences in communication and management styles.