Mergers and acquisitions

mergers helped by udyen jain and associates

Mergers & Acquisitions

The growth of any business includes business consolidation, divestment, for unlocking value and generating shareholder wealth. Every transaction is different and comes with it’s own set of challenges. UJA aims to provide tailor made solutions keeping in mind the various parameters under which the transaction would have to be undertaken.  UJA helps dynamic companies across the globe in managing transactions like mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, divestitures or spin-offs. These require clever navigation of various complex issues like accounting, tax, regulatory issues. UJA provides services like enterprise valuation, M&A analysis, debt management, M&A strategy, M&A prospection, expertise buy side - sell side, funds syndication.
UJA assists in conceptualizing and advising on various issues relating to :

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Divestments and Demergers
  • Hive – Off’s
  • Internal restructuring of the organization

Each transaction is different and unique and needs to be analyzed strategically. Our team understands the same and assists with the following –

Identifying Potential Synergies :

For any transaction to be successful, it becomes important to identify a suitable partner. Our team understands the business needs of both the entities involved in order to strategically align their business in order to help both achieve their long term business objectives.
UJA ensures transparent business valuations in line with the regulatory requirements, evaluating potential target, structuring & negotiating deals, due diligence, potential buy out  and regulatory compliances with various authorities &  assisting in Post-Acquisition Services like Staffing, Taxation and Regulatory Compliances

Target / Buyer Evaluation :

UJA helps identify potential targets – both buyers and sellers. Our approach to study and evaluate the target and if assess if the potential target will achieve business objectives. Our services include :

  • Analyzing the targets business to provide an insight on it’s operations in order to ensure that our clients investment objective would be achieved
  • Understand the business of the target to evaluate risks in terms if hidden and contingent liability, probable tax exposures if any which may arise due to any non-compliances in the past, ongoing litigations before the tax authorities
  • Analyze the market in which the target operates – it’s market size and strength, it’s customer base, products, pricing
  • Understanding the resources and capabilities of the target

Study the financials of the target to identify and assess it’s strengths and weakness.

Deal Advisory – Joint Ventures / Amalgamations / Demergers

Once potential synergies have been identified and the due diligence of the target has been completed, it becomes imperative to structure the deal in such a way so that it becomes a win – win situation for both entities.
Broadly our services cover –

  • Advice the buy side / sell side – help understand the critical aspects which could help improve the quality of the transaction
  • Review the transaction documents
  • Ensuring that the transaction is compliant with all the regulations
  • Liaise with regulatory authorities and assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals
  • Tax effective consolidation / restructuring
  • Charting and Implementation of the proposed transaction keeping in mind the regulatory requirements
  • Identifying and help resolving legal issues
  • Post transaction assistance and regulations.