Project management

Every organization is unique and operates and functions within diverse parameters. Whether an organization is looking to gain entry into the Indian markets, expand it’s current operations, outsource or offshore it’s business functions or add value to it’s business, UJA provides customized and tailor made solutions to meet the requirements of the organization.

UJA provides support services during the entire project life cycle from initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring, control and closing. Our expert teams intervene at the right time during the process. Our team provides services like Temporary Management and Operations, setting up the Facility, Recruiting Key Executives, Identifying Partners, Vendors, service providers for Supply Chain, Logistics / 3pl companies. UJA also assists companies during the Go-To-Market (GTM) phase – setting up the Sales Pipeline, Identifying Distributors, Channel Partners, Identifying Service Providers like Digital Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency among others.

Greenfield project

We at UJA partner with organizations interested in setting up greenfield projects. We work with organizations right from conceptualizing to implementing greenfield set-ups.
Our step-wise approach is as under –

Such projects require specialized consultants, various teams that need to collaborate and develop the action plan.

Temporary Management / Ongoing support

At UJA, we understand the organizations business needs and their goals and accordingly provide a range of advisory and compliance services to support business growth. We provide end to end solutions in areas covering – financial accounting, payroll processing services, company secretarial services, legal services, human resource management, audit and assurance services, direct and indirect compliances, marketing support and so on.

Our dedicated support team comprises of – chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers, MBA’s, marketing professionals with requisite technical skills and knowledge to provide a complete and tailor made solutions to suit client requirements.

UJA provides Temporary Management Support to clients. Management would include Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Operations on a day to day basis.

Go-To-Market strategy (GTM)

A GTM strategy action plan defines how an organization will reach it’s target customers in order to maximize it’s revenue and profitability. A GTM strategy typically defines – distribution and marketing channels for the organization to reach it’s target customers, client relationship management initiatives.

UJA understands this needs of customers and assists them in their GTM phase. Depending upon client requirements, we provide services like – setting up the sales pipeline, identifying distributors, channel partners, identify service providers like digital marketing agency, advertising agency, public relations agency.
UJA assists as under :