SME Advisory

Market Opportunities and Growth strategies for Global SMEs

Global markets are important for the growth of SMEs and there are many companies that explore international business where there is a greater demand and potential.
India is a market that is a goldmine of opportunities for SMEs in various industries. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has a large talent pool of engineers and scientists. It has become the global manufacturing hub for small cars and second largest manufacturer of mobile phones, second largest producer of PPE kits and is the third largest military spender. It is a world pioneer in engineering R&D and design outsourcing. India has one of the world's most dynamic consumption environments with huge possibilities for international businesses to service
India's population.
International SMEs can look forward to tap the opportunities that are present. UJA helps you in identifying them and assisting you to enter the Indian market. We research the market thoroughly, and assist in localisation. We find partners to complement your business, whether it is a joint venture partner, distributor or supplier.
Entering a new market is resource intensive, requiring commitment and time to navigate the unknown environment.

Neha Raheja