Post Incorporation Services

Once an entity is established and incorporated in India, it must adhere to the various rules and regulations and make sure that all compliances under the applicable laws are met. Meeting these compliances is essential – firstly to ensure the smooth functioning of the company as per the applicable regulatory framework and secondly to boost the confidence and feeling of security in the minds of the investors and shareholders.

UJA has teams of experts under different verticals that have an extensive understanding of the regulatory framework in which organizations operate. UJA helps ease the burden created by compliances enabling clients to cater to core business matters.

Audit and Assurance

An audit is generally undertaken to prepare and present a complete and fair view of the financial position and operational result of an organization to the management and shareholders. In India, an audit is carried out following the guidelines laid down by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and generally accepted audit and assurance principles.

However, an audit goes beyond achieving statutory objectives. It gives a birds-eye view of the performance of the organization, identifies potential threats, risks and loopholes that need to be addressed to help achieve the organization’s targets.

UJA’s audit and assurance services are aimed at minimizing the possibility of fraud and error, identifying critical areas of functioning which need improvement, strengthening the existing governance policies, serving as a tool for improving investor confidence and helping management make better business decisions. This is possible due to our teams understanding of industry needs and sector-specific challenges.

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In recent times, India’s tax environment has changed dramatically. Intending to increase transparency in the economy, the Indian Government has taken several measures to make organizations tax compliant. At the same time, various incentives in the form of tax advantages, including reduction of corporate tax rates are being introduced to attract investments and promote economic development.

However, the compliance burden to avail of these tax benefits and advantages has increased manifold making the tax landscape in India complex. The income tax return forms are very elaborate. Incorrect and incomplete information attracts penalties and increases the chances of litigation.

Organizations not only have to adopt and adhere to the ever-increasing compliances, but also strategize and execute their business plans to minimize their tax liabilities. Our team of tax professionals is constantly in the process of decoding the complex tax structures to help clients keep at pace with the necessary compliances and address their tax concerns.

UJA offers integrated services in both Direct and Indirect Taxation.

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International Taxation and Transfer Pricing

With several entities investing in India and domestic entities looking for business opportunities outside India, the number of cross border transactions has increased considerably. Appropriate strategies must be implemented and transactions need to be analyzed keeping in mind the tax laws and the regulatory framework of both countries.

Understanding this need, UJA offers a complete spectrum of international tax services which include:

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Company Secretarial Services and compliances

Company secretarial compliances and services are essential to every organization. Several reporting compliances need to be adhered to from time to time. Non – compliance leads to defaults which may also attract penal provisions. Further, several amendments are continuously introduced to increase transparency in business, thus increasing the compliance burden.

UJA ensures that all compliances of their clients are met from the pre-incorporation stage through the lifecycle of the organization.

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Legal Services

Owing to the various liberal policies, incentives, pro-investment schemes and Government initiatives such as “Make in India”, India is becoming a hub for economic activity attracting investors and businesses from around the world. However, India has a stringent compliance landscape and every sector comes with its unique set of legal challenges.

Our team of corporate lawyers has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the volatile landscapes under which organizations function and focus on developing sustainable solutions within the given regulatory framework depending upon the requirements of the clients.
UJA caters to clients across various sectors supporting them with an advisory in commercial law, labor law and dispute resolution to name a few.

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Project Management

Every organization is unique and operates within diverse parameters. Whether an organization is looking to enter the Indian market and expand its current operations, outsource or offshore its business functions or add value to its business, UJA provides customized and tailor-made solutions to meet client requirements.

UJA provides support services during the entire project life cycle from initiation and planning to implementation, monitoring, control and closing. Our expert teams intervene at the right time during the process providing temporary management and operations, setting up facilities, recruiting key executives, identifying partners, vendors, service providers for supply chain, and logistics / 3pl companies. UJA also assists companies during the Go-To-Market (GTM) phase – setting up the sales pipeline, identifying distributors, and channel partners, and identifying service providers like digital marketing and advertising agencies among others.

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