India Market Entry Strategy

India Business opportunities

The business opportunities which India offers are several and many owing to which  India is becoming an attractive investment destination for foreign companies. The Government of India is taking several initiatives including easing compliance burdens, relaxing FDI norms, and offering reduced tax rates, to name a few, to attract foreign investors to India.

However, gaining access to India’s markets requires thorough research and analyses to minimize the many risks associated with venturing into a new country. Market conditions, sector-specific challenges, types of business entities, cross-country regulations, target markets, business opportunities and other important elements should be identified, and appropriate entry strategies should be devised.

However, a foreign company in order to succeed must identify the appropriate business opportunities, liaise with business consultants/ strategy consulting firms that can undertake a thorough market research and analysis, and devise an appropriate India market entry strategy.
The steps involved in developing the India Market Entry Strategy are outlined as under:  

Market Research & Analysis

Market research & analysis is undertaken to understand the dynamics of the market in which the business intends to establish itself. This study aims at evaluating market dynamics, current and anticipated market competition, and market potential. It helps companies understand the potential of setting up a commercial presence in India.

Our team of business consultants, business analysts and market analyst at UJA understands that every business is different and requires a different strategy and expertise to succeed. Keeping in mind this requirement, UJA provides an assessment of the Indian market that helps companies understand the viability of setting up a business in India and make informed decisions on how they should enter the Indian market to take advantage of the opportunities it may offer. We undertake complete market research and analysis and provide a comprehensive, in-depth market report that outlines the following:

Strategy Consulting

Depending upon the various business opportunities and an organization’s long-term and short-term needs, UJA would assist in formulating an efficient India market entry strategy considering aspects such as how would the business compete with established companies, location advantage, sector-specific incentives, and pricing structures to name a few.

Selecting the right form of entity is crucial for any investor. UJA can assist in evaluating the right business type such as Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures with Indian partners, Foreign Institutional Investors (FII), Liaison Office (LO), Branch Office (BO), Project Office (PO).

Business Plan Development

A business plan essentially defines the company’s focus & strategy. It lays down its vision, long term goals, and proposes an action plan to achieve the predetermined targets. Several factors such as key and operational drivers, and external & internal factors that impact the business are addressed in this document. It is thus vital as it creates a first impression about the company and its objectives in the minds of investors, banks, and other third parties with whom the company intends to deal and transact.

Our teams have the requisite knowledge and know-how to identify the relevant drivers to prepare & formulate a business plan. Considering the premises and the goals of a company, UJA helps formulate the business plan that best represents an estimate of the achievable targets set by a client for the Indian market.

Business Partner Search

For any organization to be successful, it becomes imperative to associate with a suitable business partner. Organizations may look for partners for technological collaborations, distributors to strengthen their operations in a different market, contract manufacturers – either to manufacture or supply in a different market or as a tool for cost-effective procurement.
Using a structured & practical approach, we –

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