Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. As it has a direct effect on profitability and sales it is the important activity in a business. All most all aspects of your business depend on doing well marketing. Your potential customer will never know about your best products and services which you want to offer them without marketing. Whether the organization operates as for profit or as a non-profit marketing plays a vital role in nearly all induimage7stries. It is not possible to survive for organizations without marketing.

Getting Word Out – To succeed in the market it is very important that your potential customers are aware of your product or services. Build the marketing strategies to make them aware about your product or service. Without marketing your customers will never be aware of your business or product. Using marketing to promote your product, service or company provide your organization with a chance of being discovered by potential customers.

Higher Sales – As your product or service out for promotion, it increases the chance that customer will make a purchase. As awareness became reality, it is also a point where new customers start to spread the word about the organization. Sale will increase as the word spreads. Without marketing strategies this sale could never happen.

Company Reputation – Marketing build brand name recognition or a product recall with company which is the important part of company reputation. As reputation grows, business expands and sale increases. The company reputation built by active participation in community program, effective communication – externally and internally, and quality product or services, which are created by marketing efforts.

Considerations – Marketing is very important for business success, but it can also be very expensive. A marketing program which gives the company the best result is a healthy mix of different forms of marketing.