Why is ‘Mental illness’ considered a taboo in our society?

A person’s state of mind has to do a lot with the way they act in their daily lives. In today’s time and age we are pressurized to keep up with the modern lifestyle. The need of being active on social media, keeping up with the others, managing finances, security of jobs and to have an idea of fitting in comes with a heavy cost. This is one of the major triggers for mental health illness and it starts at a very young age. People suffering from these mental health conditions most commonly with depression choose to end their lives and resort to suicide.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 8,00,000 people commit suicide every year.
Most of these are because of the stigma attached with mental illness. People, who suffer, do not reach out for help. The fear of judgment and discrimination is the key reason why people do not come forward and talk about mental health. Studies show that 75% of the people do not ask for help and choose to suffer in silence.
In these tough times, it is high time that we give equal importance to mental health just as we do to physical health. Mental health cannot be considered as a taboo. Suicides do not just end the life of one person but also the family as a whole.

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