SME Advisory

SME advisory

Growth strategies for Indian SMEs

UJA advises Indian SMEs on how to grow their business. Growth can occur in the following ways - Seeking new markets, Diversification, Joint ventures, Acquisitions, Market penetration. Either way, UJA helps companies to articulate the strategic plan that sets the blueprint for growth ultimately helping in value creation. Strategic portfolio management, making effective financial choices that allocate resources and build a sustainable road map for growth are some of the areas. It could be different products, services, geographies or customers.

One of the key elements for growth is the company’s marketing strategy. UJA’s team of marketing experts understands the business and provides the right marketing strategy. Beginning with differentiation and deriving the competitive advantage to ultimately growing market share.

Creating and continuously increasing brand value is the objective for any marketing strategy. UJA’s branding experts ensure that the branding strategy and marketing strategy dovetail so as to maximize value.Contact us

Nandita Khaire
Director – Business and Corporate strategy