The Finance Minister addressed the nation today and announced the Economic Package rolled by the Government to support the welfare of the poor.

  1. The frontline staff (paramedics, doctors, nurses, sanitary medical workers) who are risking their lives in continually attending to the corona virus patients will get an insurance cover of INR 50 lacs.
  1. A Budget of INR 170 crores has been announced for the poor. The benefits shall be allotted through –
  • PM Garibkalyan Ann Yojna Scheme ;Under The PM Garibkalyan Ann Yojna Scheme approx. 80 crore (i.e 2/rd of the total population) will benefit. Each person shall receive 5 kg wheat / rice in addition to what they already get for three months. Further each household shall receive 1 kg of pulse of their choice for the next three months.
  • Through Distribution of Cash (DBT Scheme):
S.No. Beneficiary Outreach Benefit under the Pradhanmantri Kalyan Yogna Scheme
1. Farmers under the Kisan Yogna Scheme 8.70 Cr. farmers -       The Farmers under the Kisan Yogna Scheme receive INR 6,000/- annually.


-       For the benefit of the farmers, tt has been announced to credit to the account of such farmers INR 2,000/- in the first week of April 2020 so that the farmers shall have ready cash in their hands.

2. Manrega workers 5.0   cr families -       Wage per worker will increase from INR 182/-  to INR 202/-  Thus the total income per worker will increase by approx. 2000 per worker
3. Old Poor People, Widows and Disabled People 3 cr. senior citizens, widows and disabled people -       A one – time ex gratia of INR 1,000/- in two installments over the next two months.
4 Janadhan Women Account Holders 20 cr. janadhan women account holders -       an exgratia amount of INR 500 per month for next 3 months to run their household


5. Families benefitted under Ujwala Scheme 8.30 cr. families -       They will be provided free cylinders during the period of disruption.


6. Women Self Help Groups 7cr. families -       Under the existing rules, collateral free loans to the extent of INR 10 lacs were provided.


-       Under the Pradhanmantri Garib Yojna – the amount of loans without collateral has been increased to INR 20 lacs.



Organised Sector Workers    
Contribution to Provident Funds 80 lac employees and incentivize 4 lac establishments -       Employer and Employee Contribution to the extent of 12% each shall be paid by the government.

-       Applicable only for those establishments who have 100 employees and 90% of such employees earn less than INR 15,000/-  per month


PF Withdrwals 4.80 crore workers registered with PF -          PF scheme regulations will be amended because of pandemic to allow withdrawal of  non - refundable advance of 75% of amount standing credit of member or 3 months wages whichever is lower.


8. Construction Workers 3.5 crore registered workers 1.    By the CG Act, there is a welfare fund for the welfare of Construction workers has approx. 31 000 crores in it. State Governments have been directed to use the funds to protect the construction workers against any economic disruptions and utilize the funds for their benefits.

2.    SG directed to utilize funds in the District Mineral Fund Account available at district level towards medical testing activities and screening and also providing of heath attention in fighting the virus.