Most of the time customer is not satisfied with a product or services. The main reason of dissatisfaction of customer is either the product or services are not meeting their needs or is not the quality he/she expected. This dissatisfaction makes customer unhappy. Dealing with a customer like this is crucial today. It is a bit tricky to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one than just resolving the situation. You need to take some time before rushing to solve the issue.

Find out what really upset your customer and why. Take time to really talk thing through. Best thing to do image5with unhappy customer to ask questions what are the things which are making them upset and why and don’t accuse them for acting poorly. Sometimes the reason of dissatisfaction is just they had bad experience in the past. Try to find reason behind it and resolve it. Like this they will come back and buy something else because they know you took care of them.

Help your customer to make best buying decision. Encourage your staff to sell to a customer’s needs, not their wants. If you have been listening to your customer all along, if you have been true to your business values and those of your customer, if you focus on building the integrity of the relationship you will keep the business. If you don’t keep it, something fundamental was out of alignment and you can learn from it. Learn to lose gracefully, when you go down swinging; learn how to be a graceful loser. Yes it’s okay to lose sometimes. In fact losing can be good for the soul.

At last acknowledge their unhappiness honestly, and make it clear that you’re working towards a clear and expedient solution. The only time things get contentious is when you’re unable to acknowledge the mistake that was made.