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Resurgent India, A place under the Sun, Making India into ‘Bhavya’ Bharat, Budget 2021, ICCI, Freeways to enter India, Ease of doing business.

Businesses beyond the pandemic, The Opportunity to Gain Amidst the Pandemic, Growth Opportunities for Indian and Foreign Companies
Post Covid

Post Covid Scenario; the world and India, Trigger of force Majeure on contractual obligations, Covid 19 and Economic considerations

FDI Overview, FDI and ECB GATEWAYS TO ENTER INTO INDIA, FDI in India, OK Google,Top Tech Trends for 2020, Understanding FDI in India

How Brand Value drives corporate results? A brand is an asset. It has a monetary value. This article looks at how brands are valued, and the benefits to a company.

Political Contributions under The Companies Act; Stock markets and the Indian elections; Electoral Laws Of India; Online media and its role in
Indian elections.

Indian Startup Ecosystem; What the 2019 budget has to offer for startups; Startup’s in India; Types of Startups; Corporate Dossier Interview -
One on One

Do CFOs need to be data driven? The Basics of SWIFT Codes; Indian and French economies: does the wheel turn; Man of Mettle - Vivek Vishnoi

Talent Management for the future, Indian Lessons on Renewables, The ITR Dilemma: How to le an ITR -1?, EU General Data Protection Regulation