UJA Corporate Dossier - Flagship Publication

Corporate Dossier is UJA’s quarterly flagship publication. In this publication, we focus on the current business trends, innovation, and address global issues that impact day-to-day business, economy, people, consumer trends and regulations. 

Sustainable future
Sustainable Future

The conversation around sustainability greatly amplified over the course of the past years, uncovering new global challenges.

Healthcare in India
Healthcare in India

The future of healthcare is on every lip as renewed consumer trends impulsed the rise of the ancient Ayurveda medicine.

Resurgent India
Resurgent India

The rise of post-colonial India: How did the subcontinent become a critical player in the world economy as Make in India impulsed foreign investments?

Restart, reimagine, rework, rethink
Beyond the Pandemic

At the dawn of the pandemic, India experiences a surge in business activities. What is at stake for local and international businesses?

Foreign direct Investment
Foreign Direct Overview

India pivoted into one of the most attractive business destinations and received over the past years multiple foreign investments.

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