Our Team

We gathered some of the most talented Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Lawyers, Strategic Planners, and Market & Business Planners. Our team has a sound knowledge of related issues and thrives in ideating, providing, and implementing functional solutions.


UJA Founder
Udyen Jain
Founder & Managing Partner
UJA D. C. Sarawagi
D. C. Sarawagi
UJA Sharad Musalay - CEO
Sharad Musalay
Partner & CEO
UJA Sunil Maliawala - Partner Audit and Assurance
Sunil Malaiwala
UJA Ritasha Talwar -Partner Gurugram
Ritasha Talwar
UJA | Team
Pallav Maheshwari
Associate Partner


UJA | Team
Hidehito Araki
Director – Japanese Business
Team | Nandita-Khaire
Nandita Khaire
Director – Business & Corporate Strategy
UJA Amb Prakash Jha
Amb. Prakash Shah
Director – International Policies
UJA Adv Srivastav
Adv. S K Srivastav
Director – Legal

International Desk

UJA Olivia Calvet - General Manager French Business
Olivia Calvet
General Manager - France
UJA | Team
Nitin Krishnan
Senior Advisor - Legal & Strategy France
UJA Luciano Pettoello Mantovani - Associate vice president Italian desk
Luciano P. Mantovani
AVP - Italy
UJA Pier Giuseppe Satta Italian desk at UJA
Pier Giuseppe Satta
Business Manager -
UJA | Team
Heinrich Bruellau
General Manager Germany
UJA - Akinobu Sato General Manager Japan
Akinobu sato
General Manager - Japan
UJA | Misato Muroi
Misato Muroi
Business Manager - Japan
UJA | Tamie Takahashi
Tamie Takahashi
Assistant Manager - Japan
UJA | Team
Kazuhiko Yamazaki
Senior Associate -
UJA | Miki Ikeda
Miki Ikeda
Senior Associate -

Our Experts

UJA Neha Raheja Partner Tax at UJA
Neha Raheja
Senior Advisor - Direct & International Tax
UJA | Team
Yash Pathak
Team Lead - Market Entry & Business Consulting
UJA Archana Dadhich head of Legal Services
Archana Dadhich
HOD - Corporate & Commercial Law
UJA Lav Mehta Senior Comapny secretary
Lav Mehta
Senior Manager - Company Law & Secretarial
UJA Shiwani Agarwal Associate Corporate secretary at UJA
Shiwani Agarwal
Manager - Company Law & Secretarial
UJA | Anjana Muraleedharan
Anjana Muraleedharan
Manager- Audit & Assurance
UJA | Team
Anjali Darak
Manager -
Direct Tax

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