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Finding your way through the complexity of the taxation framework

To facilitate innovation, boost entrepreneurship and increase transparency, the Indian authorities deployed new initiatives and regulations that drastically changed the taxation environment. Over the past years, the Indian Government imposed several measures to enforce compliance within organisations. Introducing new incentives led to tax benefits and the reduction of corporate taxes; the country managed to increase foreign and domestic investments while promoting its fast-paced economic development.

Thriving in the Ever-Changing Taxation System

Those changes impulsed the fast growth of India but also brought compliances challenges, complexifying the existing tax structure as it brought significant changes. To minimise liability within the existing regulatory framework, any organisation doing business in India must increase its compliance processes and strategize on the business plan execution.

The New Way to Deal With Tax Return

Organisations not only have to adopt and adhere to the ever-increasing compliances, but also strategize and execute their business plans to minimise their tax liabilities within the framework of the existing regulatory framework. For this, our team of tax professionals is constantly in the process of decoding the complex tax structures to help clients keep at pace with the necessary compliances and address their tax concerns. For these reasons, it is fundamental to ensure accurate tax advisory to keep up with the ever-changing laws and amendments.

Work With Some of the Best Tax Experts

Our team of tax experts gives you access to outstanding experience in decoding the complex tax structure in India, enabling you to ensure the best compliance practice and address any tax concern within your organisation. We offer integrated services – advisory and assistance to procedural compliances under both – Direct & Indirect Taxation.

Our Expertise

Our Experts

Neha Raheja - Partner, Direct Tax

A seasoned tax professional with more than 10 years of in-depth experience in international taxation, Neha brings solid expertise and guidance to UJA’s clients to fully leverage opportunities in India. In the past year, she led various projects focused on Strategic Tax Planning and Tax Advisory for foreign companies looking to do business in India and Indian companies.

Sayali Kulkarni - Manager, Indirect Tax

Sayali is a Chartered Accountant with more than three years of experience in Indirect Taxation. Over time, she proved her excellence in GST, VAT, and Service Tax. She continuously helps UJA’s clients by providing them with the most beneficial business advisory. Sayali plays a critical role in Indirect Taxation litigation matters by visiting the department and finalising the cases.

Varun Mirkhelkar - Senior Associate, Direct Tax
A chartered accountant with years of experience and specialized knowledge in direct taxation, Varun is responsible for direct tax litigation in advanced level litigation. He provides solutions to clients in direct taxation and imparts his expertise to review the financial statements of MNCs, domestic companies, and Income Tax Returns of companies and individuals.

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