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Thriving in an international business environment can be challenging for many SMEs as they need to adapt quickly to changing legal background and regulations from one country to another. This is particularly true when it comes to India as a one of a kind market and country. As the authorities launched in 2014, the much needed initiative Make in India, inspired by the idea to turn India into the world’s manufacturing hub, a myriad of new laws and regulations arose, facilitating business expansion but also bringing new legal challenges to the table. Our team of legal experts specialised in various fields will provide you the required help to smoothly navigate any legal issue. Headquartered in Pune and with several branches in India and abroad, we gathered a team of internationally minded lawyers able to help you thrive through the legal challenges of your international business expansion in Europe, in Japan, in AUE and in India. UJA commits to bring the best expertise to the table. Therefore we worked with some of the best lawyers in their fields so that we can ensure our clients full compliance to existing policies.

Reach out to our legal team to discover how UJA can assist your business in smoothly navigating both Indian and international legal systems. Contact us for a free, 15-minute Consultation.

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