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India, a massive and unique market, offers a broad range of opportunities. With a projected 6.7% growth for 2024 and the youngest population in the world, the subcontinent has become a rising global economic force and a critical destination for foreign investors.

A Strong Strategy Consulting Firm to Boost Your Growth

Over the past years, the Indian government deployed regulatory incentives designed to facilitate business entries into the Indian market. These measures provided a fast track for SMEs and Enterprises to expand in a scalable country that ranks high in global innovation and competitiveness. Across the past years, key actors in the country deployed tremendous efforts to improve and scale the existing infrastructures, which positively impacted the current energy, road, and railway framework.

A Market Entry Strategy to Thrive in India

If India appears as an attractive market, it is also a market influenced by local specificities, unique market trends, and strict regulations. 
For these reasons, any business must receive step-by-step guidance to minimize risks related to their international expansion and successfully enter this exciting market.

Our Experts

Neha Raheja - Senior Advisor, Direct & International Tax

A seasoned tax professional with more than 10 years of in-depth experience in international taxation, Neha brings solid expertise and guidance to UJA’s clients to fully leverage opportunities in India. In the past year, she led various projects focused on Strategic Tax Planning and Tax Advisory for foreign companies looking to do business in India and Indian companies.

Yash Pathak - Team Lead, Market Entry & Business Consulting

Yash brings over six years of expertise in cross-border business consulting and corporate finance. Specializing in market research, he excels at evaluating international companies’ potential in India, formulating market entry strategies, and facilitating joint ventures and acquisitions. His proficiency spans diverse sectors, including automotive, chemicals and materials, industrial machinery, food, retail, and ICT. Yash excels at crafting business plans, securing funds, providing invaluable insights for strategic decision-making, and fostering sustainable growth.

Jay Araki - Director Japan

With over 18 years of experience in Corporate Strategy and Compliance Advisory, Jay brings unprecedented expertise. His broad knowledge of the Indian market led him to become a certified ‘Indian Coordinator’ for The Japan External Trade Organisation. A key partner in UJA’s growth, he provides guidance to Japanese companies based in India or looking for new opportunities.

Misato Muroi - Business Manager Japan

Misato has extensive expertise in aiding Japanese enterprises in Japan seeking investment opportunities in India, as well as supporting Japanese firms operating in India grappling with compliance challenges. She offers precise guidance and fosters the advancement of their business pursuits. Moreover, she specialises in effectively navigating and bridging the cultural divergence between India and Japan, leveraging a profound understanding of the respective cultures of both nations. 

Tamie Takahashi - Assistant Manager Japan

She has extensive experience with various companies, including Japanese corporations and Singapore startups. She provides a versatile perspective and is comprehensive about venturing into India and driving business expansion.

Kazuhiko Yamazaki - Senior Associate Japan

Majoring in Area Studies, he has been immersing himself in a wide range of cultures. With experience in the SaaS industry and intercultural communication skills fostered in the hotel industry in Tokyo, he supports Japanese corporations by getting himself between Japanese companies and Indian experts.

Miki Ikeda - Senior Associate Japan

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Sophia University.  After working in the Japanese education industry, she engaged in intellectual property-related legal work at a law firm in Japan. Leveraging her diverse background, she offers flexible solutions to Japanese companies expanding into India.  

Olivia Calvet-Soubiran - General Manager France, International Business Consulting

After starting her career in the Marketing team of Shiseido, Olivia joined the Asia Desk of the  Paris Region CCI. She advised countless French companies targeting the Indian, Japanese, and Southeast Asian markets. She was a touch point for Indian companies looking to invest and grow in the European market. Olivia serves as General Secretary of Business Club France Inde Marseille Provence Région.

Nitin Krishnan - Senior Advisor, Legal & Strategy France
Nitin has practiced law in India, gaining experience in assisting foreign companies with India entry and regulatory matters. He has worked as a legal advisor for Business France, French Embassy in India. Alongside his legal expertise, Nitin is proficient in French which aids him in understanding French culture and handling cross-border legal issues.
Luciano P. Mantovani - Associate Vice President Italy, International Business Consulting
Luciano has worked extensively in Scandinavia, Italy & Asia with a focus on India. He has a background in business & strategy consulting. He has experience in the development of internationalization, go to market, rout to market strategies and creating JVs and distribution collaborations. He is currently the Secretary-General of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy.
Pier Giuseppe Satta - Business Manager Italy, International Business Consulting

Pier Giuseppe holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He has 5+ experience in working with international projects spanning across Europe and India as well as South-East Asia markets. He actively engages with Italian companies in India as well as those seeking to explore Indian markets providing strategic advisory and consultation. Over the last few years, Pier Giuseppe has built a strong network with private players and public institutions such as the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), Confindustria, Invest India, and ICCI. Currently, he is responsible for the IPR & Trade Barriers Desk of the ITA New Delhi office.

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