India Market Entry Strategy and India Business Opportunities

Pre Entry Services

With a booming GDP and innovation index, India offers a myriad of opportunities to foreign investors looking to explore the upcoming third global consumer market. Hence, the subcontinent’s attractiveness keeps on increasing as the authorities launched several initiatives to facilitate business operations in India and simplify your India Market Entry Strategy. To name a few the governments set up procedures to ease compliance processes, relaxed FDI norms, and offer reduced tax rates to attract foreign investors in the country and to create new business opportunities for India.

Market Research and Analysis

This process intends to understand and gather relevant information related to the dynamics of the market our clients want to target. The market research and analysis will provide all the necessary insights to understand the potential of your business in India. We know it: one-size-does-not-fit-all, and our team always takes this into account when defining your go-to-market strategy and assessing future opportunities for your organisation. Ultimately we provide an overview of the Indian market that will let you assess the viability and scalability of setting up a brand in India. Our complete market research will give you access to the following information: 

Strategy Consulting

If understanding the sectorial specificities, the regulations and the market conditions of the country where you aim to venture will minimise risks, identifying the right strategy is vital in the equation. This will enable you to target the right audience, to identify new business opportunities and liaise with the right partner to craft, together, an Indian market entry strategy. Based on long and short-term opportunities and the specific needs of the organisation, UJA assists your team to formulate a relevant market entry strategy taking the following elements into account: local and international competitors, location-advantage, sector, specific incentives, or pricing structure. What is more, our team will guide you to evaluate which type of entity fits best your needs from Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures with Indian partners, Foreign Institutional Investors (FII), Liaison Office (LO), Branch Office (BO) or Project Office (PO).

Business Plan Development

Selecting the right form of entity is crucial for any investor. UJA can assist in evaluating the right business type such as Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures with Indian partners, Foreign Institutional Investors (FII), Liaison Office (LO), Branch Office (BO), Project Office (PO).

Strategy Formulation

A business plan defines the company’s focus & strategy. It lays down its vision, long term goals, and the roadmap to achieve predetermined targets. It addresses significant factors that impact the business such as key and operational drivers. Therefore, it is vital for the organisation as it sets the objectives and gives a first impression to investors, banks and other third parties involved. Armed with the requisite knowledge, our experts will help you identify key drivers to formulate a relevant business plan that clearly estimates the achievable targets to succeed on the Indian market.

Business Partner Search

Finding the right partner is vital to the success of any organisation. As the needs of all companies vary, your company might be in need of a technology or distribution partner to help you strengthen your position on the market, regardless if it is about manufacturing a product, supplying a business tool in a different market or for cost-effective procurement. Our approach consists in helping our clients to identify a structure and practical approach, to evaluate growth and synergy potential, to approach partners while developing evaluation, and strategising a plan for closing and implementation.

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