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The world is a fast place! Today, more than ever, change is the only norm we must all adopt. To remain competitive and overcome changes, global players must seek solid local guidance and surround themselves with the right business partner.
Over time, UJA grew into a global advisory firm that provides comprehensive advisory to foreign and Indian companies looking to explore new business opportunities. Through each project and challenges, our international team proved an agile business mindset; and collaborates on a daily business with our +1000 clients to help them smoothly reach their business and strategic objectives. No matter what we do, we commit to delivering excellence, acting with integrity, and growing a problem-solving mindset.

We look forward to working with you and helping you tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Mr. Udyen Jain – Founder & Managing Partner

Revenue-impact corporate services to set up your business abroad

As your business grows, it becomes essential to start considering expansion abroad so that you can escape saturated markets and explore new opportunities and ways of doing business. One of the pioneers in India to facilitate market entry to foreign companies, UJA provides business advisory in India and abroad as well as corporate services. Our empowering solutions cover the entire spectrum of your business life cycle, bringing efficient solutions and driving revenue-impact decisions to ensure clear  potent ROIs.
Headquartered in Pune, we have a total of locations across India -Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai- two offices in France – Paris, and Marseille – one in Italy, and representation in Spain, Germany, UAE, and Japan. We offer a broad range of services from corporate tax to business and transaction advisory, tax, and regulatory services.

“ We exist to innovate, empower our client's growth, and build together the ecosystem of the future.”

Our Values

Brand Values that make an impact

Powered by a growth mindset, we aim to ignite a culture of creativity, inclusion, and innovation to ensure high-ranking solutions and tangible results for the setup of your business in India.
We deploy first-rate business solutions to deliver scalability and guarantee the success of your business plan.
Doing the right thing matters. We are people focused and do everything with courage and integrity.
We dare to be bold. We are creative thinkers and problem-solvers thriving to deliver out-of-the-box solutions.
Human Centric
We commit to using our knowledge and influence to serve the people, the communities, and the planet.
Our inclusive view of the world generates opportunities for us to gather different but talented people into one unified team.
In people we trust! With our talent, clients, and partners, we commit

Scaling your global expansion together

The perks of working with UJA

We connect India to the world, inbound and outbound,  and offer services of the highest standards to foreign companies looking to enter the Indian market and Indian companies willing to expand in Europe, UAE, and Japan. Our team of international team speaks your native language and helps you achieve the goals of your business plan.

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They Trust Us

Our out-of-the-box mindset allowed us to partner with critical trade
institutions as a leading international consulting firm in India.

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