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A Leading Business Consulting Firm to Accelerate Your Goals

Globally minded, we offer solid expertise to empower our clients to take their chance on foreign markets to grow their business in India or elsewhere. A hybrid consultancy firm, we work with businesses of all sizes, privately owned or family businesses, helping them to do business in India or abroad. Our clients look for market entry services in India or business expansion opportunities. They usually come from Japan and Europe, while we reciprocatively offer similar services to Indian companies strategizing on international business opportunities.

Tailor-Made Expertise to Foster
Global Growth

International Advisory, Business Consulting Services to Succeed

From global business advisory to market entry in India, mergers and acquisitions, incorporation, financial advisory, audit, taxation, and assisting in joint ventures, our international team of over 170 experts delivers tailor-made services designed to meet your business needs. Throughout the entire process, they help you discover new business opportunities in India and abroad. Our purpose is to accelerate your growth and ensure that your business remains compliant with local and international regulations in a rapidly changing business landscape.
"We focus on growing your business throughout its entire life cycle and seamlessly guide you through the complexities of global markets."

One of India’s Top International Advisory Firms for Businesses of All Sizes

Our international team communicates with you in your native language and seamlessly guides you through your expansion cycle, including incorporation, audit, taxation, and acquisitions, both within and outside of India.
Entrepreneurs & MSMEs
We offer bespoke services to advise you along the creation of your company in India, Europe, or Japan, helping you seamlessly navigate between any tax or legal-services-related questions.

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