International Taxation and Transfer Pricing

A strategy to protect your global profit

In a fast-moving world, with rising compliance rules and corporate laws that change at high-speed, any company needs to remain up-to-date and acquire the required agility to ensure compliance with emerging regulations and procedures.

Rising Through Changes

Understanding this imperative need for compliance and efficiency when it comes to international taxation, UJA offers a broad spectrum of international tax services and transfer pricing to avoid disagreements such as double taxation when performing cross border transactions. 

An in depth analyses of double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA) and bilateral agreements
Cross border transactions
Expatriate taxation
Transfer Pricing
Evaluation of PE exposure

Tax Treaties and Bilateral Agreements

It appears when a double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) is signed between countries, preventing double taxation for the same income. Our team helps you apprehend the tax implication of such transactions in the light of the tax treaty to ensure the elimination of double taxation.

Our Expertise

Our Experts

Neha Raheja - Partner, Direct Tax

A seasoned tax professional with more than 10 years of in-depth experience in international taxation, Neha brings solid expertise and guidance to UJA’s clients to fully leverage opportunities in India. In the past year, she led various projects focused on Strategic Tax Planning and Tax Advisory for foreign companies looking to do business in India and Indian companies.

Varun Mirkhelkar - Senior Associate, Direct Tax
A chartered accountant with years of experience and specialized knowledge in direct taxation, Varun is responsible for direct tax litigation in advanced level litigation. He provides solutions to clients in direct taxation and imparts his expertise to review the financial statements of MNCs, domestic companies, and Income Tax Returns of companies and individuals.

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