Incorporation Services

Following the completion of the market research, you will acquire the required knowledge and understanding to set up your future operations in India. The next step is to structure your business and incorporate an entity in India or set up the relevant partnership that will help you enter the market. One-size-does-not-fit-all and your decision must be based on your business goals and market opportunities.

UJA supports legal incorporations and helps all businesses establish their presence in India. Our team guides the management team through the initial and preliminary process, assisting you to ensure all regulatory requirements are compliant and ease your business set up. We help you with the following:

As your business grows various needs will arise to unlock value, reach new markets or generate shareholder wealth, and you may have to consider consolidations, divestments or strategic partnerships. Our team provides bespoke solutions that take these parameters into account, and offers support in the following areas:

Succeeding in implementing those services requires a smart navigation of complex issues ranging from accounting to taxation and regulatory matters. Another challenge will be to identify potential synergies and relevant partnerships.

Our Full Portfolio of Advisory Services

UJA provides a full portfolio of deal advisory services to meet our client’s needs.Every transaction is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. Therefore, it is critical to analyse each transition strategically so that our team can assist you with the following matters:

Identifying Potential Synergies

To ensure the success of any transaction, it is essential to identify a suitable partner. Our team understands the business needs of all entities involved, and supports them to align their operations to achieve their long-term business goals. UJA ensures transparent business valuations in line with the regulatory requirements, evaluating potential target, structuring and negotiating deals, due diligence, potential buy out and regulatory compliances with various authorities and assisting in Post-Acquisition services like staffing, taxation and regulatory compliances. 

Target and Buyer Evaluation

Understanding the target business will be critical to evaluate risks related to liability, tax exposures, past non-compliances or ongoing litigations before the tax authorities, will provide operational insights regarding the reliability of the investment objectives. What is more, analysing the operation market will provide vital information from market size to strength, customer base, products and pricing

Export and Distribution Networks

Our broad network in and outside India will give you access to major trade associations and agencies in India. Through this network, UJA can assist foreign companies to indirectly enter the market by identifying suppliers, contract manufacturers, and distributors across the country. We perform detailed studies of the potential partners to detect their strengths and potential synergies which could emerge from the partnership.

MSME Registration

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises -MSMEs- are the backbone of India’s developing economy. Manufacturers and service suppliers can register as an MSME as per the MSME Act. Under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, the government revised the MSME classification, stating that under certain criteria the MSME registration is possible for a business registering or incorporating in India.

DP IIT Recognition

Under the Startup India initiative, eligible companies can acquire startup status and access its range of benefits from tax reduction to compliance, IPR fast-tracking etc. Our team will be able to assist you through each of this process.

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