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Helping map businesses with the right talent
Hiring the right talent is the only way to succeed and encouraging growth and sustenance hand in hand. Without a sound governing body like the Human Resource Team, it becomes a critical task to maintain the employee base, scale performance, and mitigate disputes. There are humans with varying degrees of emotional and intelligence quotient and therefore the role of the Human Resources Department is vital to tackle challenges daily.

Your Go-to Department for a Variety of Needs

As talent, you need to find a reliable team in the organizational structure who is open to feedback. The team must understand your professional and personal needs, and deal with your daily challenges at work. Every employee needs assistance in concerns related to Finance, talent utilization, role justification, or paperwork authentication. There are no gray areas in corporate life and therefore the Human Resources department ensures that every process or documentation is transparent and authentic.

Enriching the Work Atmosphere

The Human resources department drives employee engagement activities to help employees feel valued and thrive as a community. Today employees look forward to a pleasant experience along with perquisites rather than the age-old boss-directs-employee norm. A happy community delivers or sometimes outperforms its KRAs. A valued and respected workforce brings more to the table and is encouraged by an empathetic department at work. Celebrations, commemorations, and recognitions make the workplace a vibrant place to be. A 9-hour stunt every day must be engaging, nurturing, and potential-enhancing, and the workplace must be adaptable to accommodate all these needs.

Our Expertise

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Our Human Resources department offers you an open-door policy and every kind of assistance to enrich your professional lives. You can reach out to us with your concerns with an assurance of being heard. We believe in responding to your concerns so that you feel valued and help make UJA one of the best places to work.
Sharad Musalay - CEO & Partner

With more than 30 years of experience in multinationals, Sharad spent his career working with leading companies. An expert in Financial Planning Modelling and Transfer Pricing, his solid expertise played a critical role in UJA’s international growth and success. His knowledge enabled him to pave the road for UJA as a leading global advisory firm and to deploy effective frameworks. 

Prachi Jain - Assistant Manager, HR

Prachi has more than four and a half years of experience as an HR professional and is adept at executing HR-related roles such as managing statutory compliances, managing the HRMS software, monitoring compensation and payroll, handling the appraisal life-cycle, training and developing talents, and resourcing. She also excels in other HR functions such as managing the international and domestic end-to-end recruitment cycles, facilitating employee retention and engagement activities, and deploying welfare measures.

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