UJA Taxation Times

Taxation Times is an end-of-the-month newsletter compiled by UJA’s tax and research team. This newsletter is very useful for its information that includes: A tax calendar for the forthcoming month, useful for tax planning, recent notifications to keep the finance department updated, a case law with summary and judgment, an article on a trending topic.

A company that is financed through a higher amount of debt as compared to equity is referred to as a ‘thinly capitalized’ company.

Will Merger & Acquisition become tax - exoensive

Depreciation of goodwill has always been a contentious issue between taxpayers and the department. Clause (11) of s. 2 of the Income Tax Act 1961..

Can TDS Compliance Be Made Easy For Taxpayers?

The ‘Transparent Taxation’ platform was introduced by Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to honour ‘honest taxpayers’ of the...

DDT Gone! Impact : Good or Bad Let's & Watch

Companies would pay Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) on dividend to be declared by them. The effective rate of DDT was 20.56%.

How To Note Avoid Billion In The Taxes and Get Caught?

Where real control of Mauritius companies (Tiger Global International Holdings) was with US resident who was beneficial owner of group...

The provision specifies a rate of 0.1%, considering the current scenario the rate has been temporarily reduced to 0.075% till 31st March, 2021.

The Future of Tax Assessments in India

The Budget 2019 went a step further and introduced “faceless” and “jurisdiction less” assessments.

Slump Sale - Simplified

A slump sale is typically the transfer of a business undertaking on a going concern basis for a lump sum consideration.

Reverced at 26as Know What's New

The income earned and the taxes so withheld on such income are reflected in the 26AS of the taxpayer.

How Technology Impacted the Tax Function?

Governments around the world are leveraging technology to build robust tax systems to increase efficiency, mitigate / reduce tax evasions...

Reimbursement Costs of Seconded Employees

This concept of deputation of employees across different locations is referred to as “secondment”.