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While digital infrastructure was once an enabler for businesses, it is now a primary source of competitive advantage. Digital infrastructure brings together and interconnects physical and virtual technologies such as computing, storage, network, applications, and IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms to build the foundation for a company’s digital operations. Businesses use this foundation to re-architect their services for global digital delivery and to access the ecosystems and capabilities they need to rapidly build products and services and deliver them at scale.

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Digital infrastructure is defined by a focus on enabling business agility and powering user experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

The recent acceleration of the take-up of cloud services typifies this change. While cost-saving is often touted as key motivation for cloud migration, the reality for many new digital leaders is that the levels of business agility required for rapid delivery of the new class of experience-focused service heavily favor a cloud-nativ approach. 

Automation brings three key benefits in the realms of cost, reliability, and speed. While the former is taken for granted, the focus on speed and reliability is often overlooked. In the new digital landscape, which is dominated by customer experience, these benefits now come into play.

India has set itself an ambitious target of doubling its economy in five years to $5 trillion. It has made many efforts to become more digitalized, and the Digital India Mission is envisioned to be based on digital security and trust. With nearly half a billion internet users in India, a host of indigenous digital services platforms, applications, content, and solutions are expected to transform the digital ecosystem. India could potentially see a fivefold increase in economic value from digital transformation by 2025, representing an attractive opportunity for global and local businesses, startups, and innovators to invest in emerging technologies (like AI, blockchain, or drones) in ways that are customized to India’s needs.

The rapid adoption of frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the advent of the COVID-1 pandemic have placed the entire digital infrastructure under immense pressure. With the Government of India progressively working towards goals such as smart cities and smart health, it is crucial for the nation to augment its digital infrastructure to effectively utilize frontier technologies in economic development.

Thus, it is the need of the hour to promote and create a framework for the development of robust digital infrastructure that could facilitate the adoption of emerging technology areas such as 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, drones, robotics, additive manufacturing, photonics, nano-based devices, etc. and their applications in areas such as defense, agriculture, health, cyber security, smart cities, and automation, with a special focus on solving real-life problems.

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