White Paper - Opportunities for French Company in India in Nuclear & Clean Energy

Clean energy & nuclear energy transformation will be potential for India’s growth & the world’s global energy transformation.

The increased pace of globalization, the need for energy has grown substantially. The world at large has been dependent on fossil fuels such as coal, crude oil, and petroleum to meet energy requirements. However, the excess use of these fossil fuels has created environmental hazards & resulted in drastic climate change. The world today stands at a point where there is an urgent need to stop the damage due to the excessive use of fossil fuels. A shift to clean and renewable sources of energy is not an option but an immediate need.

Attached is the White Paper which will elaborate on the strategies adopted by the Government of India to promote the deployment of clean energy & nuclear energy as well as the opportunities for French Companies in India in the said sectors in light of the various regulatory requirements. 

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