Becoming a Pioneer in India's Business Transformation Program: A Conversation with Matthieu Lebeurre, Associate Partner, TNP Consultants

Discover the remarkable journey of Matthieu Lebeurre, Partner of TNP Consultant and Managing Director of TNP India, who saw India as a place full of opportunities and had the intuition that India is a place to be, in line with TNPS's ambitious approach to transforming into a true Franco-Indian firm.

UJA | Matthieu-Lebeurre
Matthieu Lebeurre

Partner of TNP Consultant and
Managing Director of TNP India

UJA: Could you please share with us the story behind TNP Consultant's decision to bet on India and how the company has evolved since then?

Matthieu Lebeurre: Created in 2007, TNP is an independent French consulting firm specialising in operational, regulatory, and digital transformations. Present in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille), Monaco, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, and India. We started the business in India seven years ago when I was travelling there and saw it as a place full of opportunities. My personal intuition is that India is a better place to be as compared to China, and we’ve been expanding ever since. Today, India is the top international subsidiary for TNP. 

India is a great market, and the world receives a lot of resources and talent from TNP in India. We lead international projects from India, which is a real global platform for the world.

Foreigners think that India is a monolithic country, but in reality, India is a continent with more than 25 official languages and cultures, which are very different from the Himalayas to the southern tip of India.

There is a huge diversity in India in terms of culture, education, and ways of doing business. It is important to understand the geographic setting and current developments in your specific industry. For instance, Tamil Nadu has an excellent eco-system in the automotive sector, Kerala is service-oriented, and Hyderabad is in aeronautics.

Step by step, with assistance from all possible sources, you gradually realise that establishing activities in India is not particularly difficult, but you have to remain focused, consistent, and patient.

UJA: How crucial has India become to TNP's overall growth strategy and vision for tomorrow?

Matthieu Lebeurre: Our ambition is for TNP India to be larger than TNP France in terms of employees. We intend to achieve this by hiring massively and tapping into India’s fantastic skill pool in digital technology, data, and AI. Thanks to this ambitious approach, we aspire to be a real Franco-Indian firm in the next 2–5 years.

Hiring the right candidates who understand the goals of the company will make it easier in terms of employee retention. Lastly, understanding the working culture is extremely important because everything is dependent on it and how a business operates. India must not be considered the back office of Western firms. At TNP, we have fostered innovation and a culture of “say no” and proposing solutions rather than waiting for specifications. Thanks to this attitude, TNP India is now the leading entity of the group regarding innovations and leading-edge technologies such as AI. 

UJA: Considering the business and cultural issues that are often encountered in India, such as bureaucracy, what has been your experience like, and what recommendations would you provide to navigate them?

Matthieu Lebeurre: I believe it is essential to have an Indian executive and leader in the organisation, as it facilitates easy administration, accounting, and operational procedures. We have not encountered any issues with the bureaucracy. It can be slow, but it always goes through if you remain patient and steady.

Travelling is also a key part of understanding each other. Indian executives are coming regularly to France (and vice versa) to connect and build relationships. Bridging cultures is key to fostering business.

I advise everyone who wants to start a business in India to go there to explore, meet people, and learn about the local industry and culture. Take advantage of the Indo-French network and start with the right contacts if you want to fully realise India’s potential.

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Faces of TNP India, A Team of Business-
Technology Experts

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