Applicability of E Invoicing

applicability of e-invoicing from 1st October

Advance Tax in India CBIC vide notification no. 17/2022- Central Tax dated 01st August 2022, extended the applicability of e invoicing for all the taxpayers having aggregate Annual Turnover of INR 10 Crore or more from FY 2017-18 onwards, applicable with effect from 01st October 2022. Complete circular attached

Newly Incorporated Section 194R (Income Tax Act 1961)

TDS on benefit/ perquisite in respect of Business / Profession

As per clause (iv) of section 28 of the Act, the value of any benefit or perquisite, whether convertible into money or not, arising from business or exercise of profession is to be charged as business income in the hands of the recipient of such benefit or perquisite.