A monetary asset to the owner – builds brand equity
Acquires leadership position
Create a strong differentiation from competitors
The brand becomes a source of revenue. It helps improve profitability
Branding creates a good image.
Shields the image during failure, fiasco, mishap etc
A strong position during negotiation
Brand Definition

Defining the brand vision, mission,
and values

Brand Positioning and Proposition

Creating the differentiation
and value proposition

Brand Repositioning

Refreshing the brand depending on
the age of the brand and relevance
to its customers / consumers

Brand Strategy / Road Map

Creating the differentiation
and value proposition

Corporate Branding

Building the company brand

Internal Branding
Promoting the company brand amongst employees to win their hearts
Brand Portfolio Strategy

Neatly organizing the multiple
products under a brand portfolio
to help improve profitability

Brand Image Building Strategy

Amplification of the brand using
convention and new media
platforms and creating strategies
for them

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