Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Understanding GST and It's challenges

The introduction of Good & Service Tax also known as GST deeply transformed India’s tax structure. Introduced with the intention to consolidate a stratified tax system into one single tax system, it also created challenges related to the necessity to quickly change and adjust to the new norm. Quickly the introduction of GST strongly impacted most organisations’ operations, and new GST compliances were introduced on the “matching concept. For example, the buyers and sellers data need to be periodically matched in order to eliminate any tax leakages.

GST Advisory

Our tax experts will guide your team through each challenge related to regulatory compliances under GST by providing the following services:

Compliances Under GST

Non-compliance under GST can be heavy of consequence for your business activities and fairly expensive. Our team has set up a broad range of procedures and working methodologies to ensure your organisation is always compliant under GST.

Litigation Support Under Indirect Tax

For any queries related to Goods & Service Tax (GST), contact us to schedule a 15 minutes free Consultation.

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